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Arguments For Euthanasia

Common Ground
Arguments For
Arguments Against

For Euthanasia

-Completely eliminates all suffering

-In a free society, the patient has the right to make their own decisions on matters that are primarily their own concern, such as life or death matters like euthanasia

-Autonomy - "The right to self government of personal freedom." 

-Every person has the right to make personal and private decisions about their own lives. This is defined in the US Constitution as "the right to privacy."

- If we recognize the autonomy of an individual by granting them the right to thier own views on how a life should be lived then the logical consequence is to allow the individual to decide their own death

-With terminal illnesses and using the method of euthanasia, the patient is prevented from dying painfully and slowly by ending it quickly and painlessly.

-The best interests of the patient are granted when the doctor allows and respects their autonomy.

The Netherlands has become the first country in the world to legalize mercy killing after a controversial law on euthanasia came into force on Monday April 1st, 2002.


The legislation allows patients experiencing unbearable suffering to request euthanasia, and doctors who carry out such a mercy killing to be free from the threat of prosecution, provided they have followed strict procedures.