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Arguments Against Euthanasia

Common Ground
Arguments For
Arguments Against

Against Euthanasia

            Society as a whole has a responsibility to care for every life and to not make any life feel unwanted


Limits on personal autonomy: limits already exists for everyone around the world, like when driving you follow a speed limit, or which side of the road to drive on

            The autonomy of the doctor needs to be respected in that a doctor should not be coerced into any act complicit with euthanasia


Euthanasia goes against the will of God

            I don’t mean people say in the bible they can’t kill themselves or anything like that. God gave us free will to do as we please I’m just saying it’s would be wrong for us to do so

            To kill oneself or to get someone to do it for us denies God and his rights over our lives; by killing oneself you deny God’s choice on the length of time he has for our life

            Human life is sacred since it was a gift given to God


Suffering may have value to it

            I say this because throughout history we have seen people suffer and get something good in return.

                        Example: The Egyptians persecuted The Jews; they fled Egypt and were free from their power

                        Possible Meaning: Because someone is suffering it could be to send a message to wake people up and let them know what’s going on

                        Possible Meaning: Down through the centuries and generations it has been seen that in suffering there is concealed a particular power that draws a person interiorly close to Christ, a special grace. Pope John Paul II: Salvifici Doloris 1984


For the terminally ill patients they feel they can’t go on any longer and may ask for euthanasia when it’s not in their best interest

            The diagnosis that the doctor might have given the patient could be wrong, doctors are human and are prone to make mistakes

            The prognosis as well that the doctor has given the patient could be wrong as well

            The patient could be depressed and may make their problem much worse than they are

            The care that the patient is receiving could be bad which is why they believe euthanasia is the only way out when simply transferring them or taking better care of them is all they really need

            Patient could be under pressure and feel they’re a burden to others or that there could be a shortage on medical resources and feel they’re not important enough